Dev’s Juliet would avoid him!

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“I had to pinch myself thrice for it to sink in,” says Rittika Sen about the day she was offered the role of Julekha Khan aka Julie in Aparna Sen’Arshinagar. An adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, the film stars Dev in the lead .
Says the young actress, ���Julie is an innocent girl with a strong personality. She’s had a sheltered upbringing, so she has little knowledge about the big bad world. But what I like about the film is how love is being portrayed in it.”

However, it’s the bond which she shares with her director that she values the most. ���Rina ma’am (Aparna) treats me like her daughter. She’s so calm and composed. She’s the best director one could ask for and I’m learning something new from her every day,” says Rittika.

Incidentally , the actress had worked with Dev in Challenge 2 , in which she played the heroine’s sister. She shares, ���On the very first day, I had an intimate scene with Devda and the whole unit clapped after our shot. But I used to avoid talking to him because I was told he was a huge prankster! Much later I realized that he’s the most helpful co-actor around.”

And what are our Tolly Juliet’s V-Day plans today? ���Well, I’m surrounded by so many Romeos that it becomes difficult to plan! But jokes apart, I’ll be shooting for Arshinagar the entire day,” she signs off with a smile.

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